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Sep 23, 2012 9:30am EDT
that conongress and t obama administration are beginning to fos, at least behind c closed doors, and s something beyondhe november elections -- the budget cut heduled for next --- for next year. first, a focus on fairfax county and a ok at our reonal economy from the perspective of virginia business leaders. fairfax county that the distinction of being the biggest countyoth in virginiaia and the washington area when it comes to population. plusus, as t good fortune to b one the nation's most prospeperous counts. in fact, it was fairfax county which wa the first in the nation to reach a six-figure median household income and now has thsecond-highest mian income in th nation, second only to next door neighbor loudoun county. to discuss how fairfax as daring in its economy and what it means fofor the rest othe washington region jim -- president and ce of t the fairfax c county chamber of commerce. aleyes o fairfax county because when fairfax county is doing well, the rising tide lifts all vovotes. what industries the o welell and seeing g growth and wher are you seeing some lagging behind? >> t t
Sep 2, 2012 9:30am EDT
will do a better job on those frontthan president obama. romney made severaral references to business and the economy during his acceptance speech thursday night. >> by 2020, north america will be energy independence by takining full advantage of our oil, coal gas, nuclearar, and renebles. we will make trade wor f for america by forging new trade agreements. when nations cheat, there will be unmistakable conseqnces.. i will begin my presidency with the jobs tour. presidenobama began hisith an apolology tour. america, he says, has dictateted to other nations. no, mr. president americaca's freeee of the nation's from dictators. >> he s betray agreements and jobs on his agenda. we will start with our “washington business report" roundtables, peter morici of the univsity o of maryland, and kate andersrsen brower, white house repoer for bloloomberg. relar guests at “washington business report." i thought was a pretty y good mitt romney speech thursday night. the ans he talked abobout have anchance of working?g? >> absolutely. it on trade, we have a huge decit, the reason mr. bernanke c
Sep 30, 2012 9:30am EDT
the press -- palestinian cause, the conflict, and ththe point t of view from obama about these issues. >> he seems to be holding his cas as he wiped it out to se if he canet to the american voteters first. jennifer nycz-connnner, speakingng of the enomy, the campaign has been very od for the virginia economy. you have beelooking at how much spending have been taking place in virginia thanks to the ce.. >> a big number. $5$53.5 milliosince the campaign began. that i is a loof money and a lotot voters if they are trd to court. i can te you the evidence for the e number of times my telephone has been ringing. >> break it down. >> it goes all over the place. the interesting thing- $53.5 million, 10 times thanas spent in neighbori maryland right now. but what is inteterestings the money is all over the place in a sense of how much the dollars how it breaks down. from thousands of f dollars forr rent, space -- they paid about $1,600 to rent vfw when michele bachmann came, $3.million to republican fund-raiserer firm. it is all over. what is i interesting, in my colleague's story, while the money is
Sep 9, 2012 9:30am EDT
two w will getost in the banter. >> in this had been a really stellar record for the o obama administration, it would have been great after last night acceptance spepeech and it would have really set the tone probably f the obama camp. but i agree the next o will be not as relevant. >> good things happening in fairfax county inin regards to jobs. >> we are very founate. noonly do we have the federal vernment aa strg ananchor bubut it is not a predonant compent to o our economymy. we managed to diversify over the last sever years. we are strong in bing's th are not related directly to thehe federal governmnment. 58580,000 jobss aut 106,000 are either directly orndirectl will lead to governmnmentt contraracting. >> do yosee the growth continuing? i do. a lot of the federal contracts providing goodandd service have see the trouble's coming, bubut sequeration, and they have begun to work and things that will be in greater demand and things not related to public contracting as well. >> you brought up sequestratation. we know "the washington business journal" a ton of article about
Sep 16, 2012 9:30am EDT
obama has been dead for the economy. where is mitt romney failing? >> how he would create jobs. the focus tax cuts is ridiculous. the other proposals with regards to china frighten people. they do not want higher prices at walmart. they are afraid about energy because of the beach in the gdp debacle - because of the bp debacle. >> josh boak, your last word. >> the mitt romney camampaign has been like a amdlib and obama has been able to fill them in. >> thankou. we'll be back after at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all tse who are making our communities stronger. that fridge in your kitchen may have crossed this bridge
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5